31 May 2009

Egypt, Edfu

Egypt, Nile

30 May 2009

Egypt, Nile

29 May 2009

Egypt, Nile, relax

27 May 2009

Egypt, Nile, living without washing machine

Egypt, Nile, cruise

26 May 2009

Egypt, morning in Luxor harbour

Egypt, they are using balloons to see Valley of the Kings

23 May 2009

Stockholm, Nationalmuseum

22 May 2009

Ships are disappearing into the fog, Viking Line


16 May 2009

Switzerland, Schloss Teufen

Switzerland, Schloss Teufen, garden

Switzerland, Schloss Teufen, wine cellar

15 May 2009

Iceland. landscape
Iceland, landscape
Iceland, Strokkur

10 May 2009

Iceland, Reykjavik. Here they made history!
Iceland, Wherever you go, there is Reykjavik

3 May 2009


Iceland, Whale watching

Iceland, Reykjavik

2 May 2009

Iceland, on the border of America
Iceland, on the left is America on the right is Eurasia
Iceland, landscape

1 May 2009

Iceland, Strokkur just moment before eruption
Iceland, Strokkur eruption
Iceland, Strokkur after eruption